Learn more about our e-Bikes' motors and top speeds

Flyer™ e-Bikes allow for easy riding over a variety of terrain at different speeds - with your Flyer™ e-Bike, the wind will always be at your back.

Power Output

Flyer™ e-Bikes have motors to help with pedaling as needed. The motor can be used as a pedal assist, which helps to further propel the bike while pedaling, or full throttle, which allows the rider to move without pedaling at all.

All Flyer™ e-Bikes come standard with a 500W brushless hub motor. Switching between pedaling, pedal assist, and the throttle is easy to do while on the move. 

e-Bike Top Speed

Flyer™ e-Bike have a top speed of 20 mph when not pedaling. This is the legal limit for street legal e-Bikes in most areas in the US. Once the e-Bike reaches 20 mph, the motor assist will disengage. If you then drop below 20 mph, the pedal assist will automatically reengage. 

Ride Without Motor Power

Flyer™ e-Bikes can be pedaled just like traditional bikes when the motor assist feature is turned off. Since e-Bikes are heavier due to their design, pedaling without motor assistance may require more effort to start. When you are ready for motor assistance to go the extra mile or up that big hill, your Flyer™ e-Bikes is ready!


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