How can I customize my Flyer™ e-Bike?

Flyer™ e-Bike Accessories

We have a variety of high quality accessories that are available for your Flyer™ e-Bike! Storage baskets, passenger seats, water bottle and cell phone holders, helmets, and more are all available. To purchase accessories separately, please see our accessories page here. To customize your e-Bike order with accessories, please see our e-Bike customization pages for the Flyer™ M880 or Flyer™ L885.


Please note that some accessories are only compatible with the L885 model. We are also unable to swap parts from this model to be used on a different model. Please contact our Team here if you have any questions on compatibility.


Aftermarket or Third-Party Accessories

Flyer™ e-Bike accessories are tested and approved for safety only on Flyer™ e-Bike. We do not recommend using accessories from other e-Bike or bike sellers on Flyer™ e-Bike as these accessories have not been tested for safety or compatibility by our Team. Damage to your e-Bike while using accessories or parts from another e-Bike seller is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Please contact us here if you have any questions on your product's warranty or compatibility of accessories.





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