#880 and #885 Flyer™ M880 and Flyer™ L885 Front Wheel and Skewer Assembly

Follow the steps below to assemble your eBike's front wheel and skewer assembly.

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⚠️ Note: This guide is a general overview of the assembly process for your eBike's front wheel and skewer assembly. We highly recommend consulting a professional bicycle mechanic for assistance with your eBike’s assembly, maintenance, and repair.

Tools Needed: Flat-side cutters, 5mm Allen wrench

Compatible Models: Flyer™ M880, Flyer™ L885

  1. Using flat-side cutters, remove the foam protecting the front fork.
  2. Remove the front axle skewer and fork spacer from the frame.
  3. Remove the plastic insert from the front wheel hub.
  4. Lift the bike and lower the front fork onto the wheel. Align the wheel to the forks on that the fork dropouts rest on the axle. Ensure the fork is fully seated on the axle by pushing down on the stem.
    ⚠️ Note:  Ensure the wheel is centered on the fork, and the brake rotor is centered in the caliper assembly.
  5. Starting from the brake side of the fork, install the front axle by sliding it through the fork and front wheel hub. Install the axle nut onto the threaded section of the front axle. Tighten by hand.
  6. While holding the axle nut, tighten the front axle to 6-8Nm using a 5mm allen wrench.

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