Flyer™ Duoflex, Model #822 Axle Compatibility Guide

Follow the steps below to learn more about bike trailer compatibility and to verify the compatibility of the Flyer™ Duoflex Model #822 with your bike.

The Flyer™ Duoflex is designed to be compatible with most bikes using only the included hitch. For some models, you may need an additional adapter to attach the trailer. The below guide will walk you through the process of identifying if you will need an additional adapter.

Should you need an additional adapter, you can find and purchase one here. You can also bring your bike and trailer to a local bike shop for help determining the best adapter based on your bike model.

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Flyer™ Duoflex

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     Tools Needed: Ruler

Identify Your Axle Type

  • Quick Release Axle: The most common type of axle, the quick release has a lever that clamps the axle in place with a nut on the opposite end.
  • Bolt-on Axle: The bolt-on axle has a hex nut on both sides. It’s commonly found on singled-speed and fixed gear bikes, as well as internally-geared hubs.

  • Thru Axle: Thru axles are a large diameter axle with a threaded side that screws into the fork.

Identify Your Dropout Type

  • Standard Dropout: Most bikes will have a standard dropout. This will typically be flat and allow hitches to sit flush against the frame.
  • Hooded Dropout: A style of dropout with a metal hood that protrudes from the top of the dropout. This still of dropout can prevent hitches from sitting flush against the frame.

Identify Method of Attachment

Measuring Accessible Axle Length

  1. Measure the amount of axle length that is exposed past the bike frame on left side of the rear wheel (A).
  2. Use a ruler to measure the height of the axle nut (N) and subtract it from the total exposed length
  3. Accessible Axle Length = Axle Length (A)- Nut Height (N)

Need an adapter? Find and purchase one here.

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