884/886 Battery Dock Replacement

Follow the steps below to replace the battery dock on your 884-886.

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     Tools Needed: 4mm allen wrench

     Compatible Models: Flyer™ 884 and Flyer™ 886

Getting the Bike Ready for Servicing

  1. Remove the battery.
    1 -Remobe Battery.gif

  2. Press and hold the power button the display to discharge any remaining power in the bike.

    2 - Test Power.gif

Removing the Old Battery Dock

  1. Snip the 2 zip-ties securing the battery dock cables to the bike.

    3 - Cut Zip Ties.gif

  2. Disconnect the battery dock cable from the PCM.

    4 - Disconnect Dock.gif

  3. Remove the 3 bolts securing the battery dock to the frame using a 4mm allen wrench. Then pull the dock free from the bike.

    5 - Remove Dock Bolts.gif

Installing the New Battery Dock

  1. Align the 3 slots in the center of the battery dock with the 3 holes on the frame.

    6 - Align New Dock.gif

  2. Install the 3 bolts and tighten by hand. Use a 4mm allen wrench to tighten the bolts.
    7 - Secure Dock with Bolts.gif

  3. Connect the cable from the new battery dock to the PCM.

    8 - Connect New Dock.gif

  4. Resecure the wiring harness with 2 zip ties.
    9 - Secure Cables with Zip Ties.gif

Preparing to Ride

  1. Reinstall the battery.

    10 - Reinstall Battery.gif

  2. Fully test the bike’s function prior to riding.

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