Hydraulic Brake Adjustments

Follow the steps below to adjust the brakes on your Flyer™ 882, Flyer™ 884 and Flyer™ 886.

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     Tools Needed: 5mm Allen wrench, 4mm Allen wrench

     Compatible Models: Flyer™ 882, Flyer™ 884 and Flyer™ 886

Getting the Bike Ready for Servicing


  1. Remove the battery.


    1 - Remove Battery.gif


    852 Battery Removal.gif

  2. Press and hold the power button the display to discharge any remaining power in the bike.

    2 - Test Power.gif

Removing Lefthand Footrest and Fender Cover

  1. Use a 4mm Allen wrench to unscrew the 3 bolts that hold the fender cover to the fender.

  2. Pull the Fender cover free from the bike.
    3 - Remove Left Fender Cover.gif

  3. Use a 5mm allen wrench to remove the 2 bolts holding the footrest to the frame.

  4. Remove the footrest from the bike.

    4 - Remove Left Footrest.gif

Checking the Brake Rotor

  1. Put the bike on the kickstand so that the brake rotor and brake pads are clearly visible.

  2. Spin the wheel to make sure it is not in contact with the brake pads or the brake rotor.
    Warning: Do not touch the brake rotor. This can reduce brake performance or cause injury.

    5 - Check Rotor.gif

  3. While spinning the wheel, check the brake rotor condition. If the brake rotor is wobbling or damaged, it might need to be replaced.

    6 - Check Rotor 2.gif

  4. Squeeze the brake lever on the handlebars to stop the wheel.
    If the rotor is straight but is consistently contacting the brake pads, you will need to adjust the position of the brake caliper.

Adjusting the Brake Caliper

  1. Using a 5mm Allen wrench, loosen the brake caliper mounting bolts just enough so that you are able to slightly wiggle the brake caliper.

    Loosening the Front Brake Caliper

    7 - Loosen Front Caliper.gif

    Loosening the Rear Brake Caliper

    8 - Loose Rear Caliper.gif

    1. Squeeze and hold the brake lever down.

    2. Continue holding down the brake lever (note you may need someone to hold the lever down while adjusting the brakes), tighten the brake caliper mounting bolts using a 5mm Allen wrench until snug.
    a. Take turns tightening each bolt a small amount rather than tightening one at a time. This will help maintain the alignment.

    Tightening the Front Brake Caliper

    9 - Tighten Front Caliper.gif

    Tightening the Rear Brake Caliper

    10 - Tighten Rear Caliper.gif

    3. Ensure that the pads are still parallel to the brake rotor. Otherwise, repeat the above steps.

    11 - Good vs Bad Brake Pad.jpg

    Note: You may need to repeat this process of loosening, adjusting, tightening, and checking alignment of the brake caliper a few times before the alignment is correct. Ensure alignment is correct before moving on to the next step.

    a. Spin the wheel to ensure that the brake pads and brake rotor are not rubbing. Otherwise, repeat the above steps.

    b. Torque the caliper bolts. When tightening, alternate between the two bolts. Torque the bolts to 10-12Nm using a torque wrench with 5mm Allen wrench.

Reinstall the Footrest

  1. Insert the footrest into the frame.

  2. Align the 2 tabs on the Fender cover with the 2 slots in the footrest. Install the Fender cover.

    12 - Reinstall Footrest & Triangle Cover.gif

  3. Fit a washer onto both footrest bolts and install them by hand.

  4. Use a 5mm allen wrench to secure the footrest with 2 bolts.

    13 - Secure Left Footrest.gif

  5. Use a 4mm allen wrench to secure the fender cover to the rear fender with the 3 bolts.
    14 - Secure Triangle Cover.gif

Preparing to Ride

  1. Reinstall the battery.

    15 - Reinstall Battery.gif

  2. Fully test the bike’s function prior to riding.

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