#852 Flyer™ Cruiser Step-Thru 2.0 Display Replacement

Follow the steps below to replace the display on your #852 Flyer™ Cruiser Step-Thru 2.0

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     Tools Needed: 3mm allen wrench

     Compatible Models: #852 Flyer™ Cruiser Step-Thru 2.0

Getting the Bike Ready for Servicing

  1. Remove the seat.

    1 - Remove Seat.gif

  2. Remove the battery.

    2 - Remove Battery.gif

  3. Press and hold the power button the display to discharge any remaining power in the bike.

    3 - Test Display.gif


Removing the Old Display

  1. Follow the cable coming out of the display.
  2. Unwind the cable wrap until you reach the display connector.

    4 - Unwind Cable Wrap.gif

  3. Directly pull apart the display connectors. Do not twist the connectors.

    5 - Disconnect Display.gif

  4. Use a 3mm Allen wrench to remove the display clamp bolt.
  5. Open the clamp holding the display to the handlebar and remove the display.

    6 - Remove Display.gif

Installing the New Display

  1. Open the clamp of the new display and close it around the handlebar so it is positioned correctly next to the throttle.

    7 - Install New Display.gif

  2. Adjust for visibility from a seated riding position.

    8 - Adjust Display Position.gif

  3. Insert the bolt into the clamp, use a 3mm Allen wrench to tighten the bolt.

    9 - Secure New Display.gif

  4. Connect the new display wire by lining up the pins and holes and embossed arrows on both connector heads. Press firmly to join connectors, do not use any twisting motion.

    11 - Connect New Display.gif

  5. Rewind the cable wrap to cover the cables at the front brake lever.

    12 - Rewind Cable Wrap.gif

Preparing to Ride

  1. Reinstall the battery.

    15 - Reinstall Battery.gif

  2. Reinstall the seat. Secure by firmly clamping in place.

    16 - Reinstall Seat.gif

  3. Test bike fully before riding.

    15 - Test Power.gif

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