#852 Flyer™ Cruiser Step-Thru 2.0 Motor Controller Replacement

Follow the steps below to replace the motor controller on your #852 Flyer™ Cruiser Step-Thru 2.0.

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     Tools Needed: 3mm Allen wrench

     Compatible Models: #852 Flyer™ Cruiser Step-Thru 2.0

Getting the Bike Ready for Servicing

  1. Remove the seat.

    1 - Remove Seat.gif

  2. Remove the battery.

    2 - Remove Battery.gif

  3. Press and hold the power button the display to discharge any remaining power in the bike.

    3 - Test Display.gif

Removing the Old PCM

  1. Flip the bike upside down.

    4 - Bike Upside Down.JPG

  2. Remove the 2 bolts securing the PCM to the frame using a 3mm allen wrench.

    5 - Remove PCM.gif

  3. Deploy the kickstand for better access to the motor connection.

    6 - Deploy Kickstand.gif

  4. Snip the zip ties securing the motor cable to the frame.

    7 - Cut Zip Ties.gif

  5. Disconnect the motor connection by pulling the connectors apart.

    8 - Disconnect Motor.gif

  6. Snip the zip tie binding the wires at the downtube.

    9 - Cut Downtube Zip Tie.gif

  7. Pull the two cables from the downtube until the connectors are accessible. Disconnect both cables.

    10 - Disconnect Cables at Downtube.gif

  8. Disconnect both cables at the kickstand. The motor controller should now be free from the bike.

    Disconnect Cables at Kickstand.gif

Installing the New PCM

  1. Orient the new motor controller so the “F” in the Flyer logo is closest to the rear wheel. Align the 2 holes on the controller with the holes on the frame.

    11 - Install New PCM.gif

  2. Fasten the motor controller to the frame with 2 bolts.

    12 - Secure PCM.gif

  3. Connect the 2 cables from the back of the PCM, near the kickstand, to the bike as shown below.

    13 - New PCM Connections 1.gif

  4. Connect the 2 cables at the front of the PCM, near the downtube opening, to the bike as shown below.

    14 - New PCM Connections 2.gif

  5. Insert the 2 cables you just connected into the downtube opening. Note, you may need to fold the cables for ease of storage.

    15 - Insert Cables into Downtube.gif

  6. Use a zip tie to bind together the 4 cables at the downtube.

    16 - Zip Tie Cables 1.gif

  7. Connect the new PCM to the motor.

    17 - Connect Motor.gif

  8.  Zip tie the motor cable to the frame.

    18 - Zip Tie Motor Cable.gif

Preparing to Ride

  1. Reinstall the battery.

    15 - Reinstall Battery.gif

  2. Reinstall the seat. Secure by firmly clamping in place.

    16 - Reinstall Seat.gif

  3. Test bike fully before riding.

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