FLYER™ What Accessories Can I Add To My L885?


Small: 4’10”-5’8” or 147cm-173cm

Medium: 5’1”-6’2” or 155cm-189cm

Large: 5’8”-6’6” or 173cm-198cm


  • The L885 is a Class 2 E-Bike equipped with a motor and usually a throttle that caps at a speed of 20 mph. This allows for the bike to be operated on bike path and trails without the need for a license, however this can vary depending on local regulations. 
  • Estimated range of 20-50 miles bases on pedal assist level, cargo weight and the intensity of the commute
  • Our L885s come with post mount semi-metallic brakes
  • Our L885s uses 26 inch (front) and 20 inch (rear) tubes with Schrader Valves
  • Although the L885 is an electric bike, you still have the option to change the gear ratio with the included 7 speed Shimano Shifter
  • Capable of towing 400lbs


Compatible Accessories are as follows.

Additionally, we've tested the Hollywood Sports Rack has been tested to hold one of our L885s.


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