Cold Weather eBike Riding Tips and Maintenance


Matt Young | January 17th, 2023

Don’t let the cold keep you inside. When your Flyer™ eBike is your car-replacement for short trips, school drop offs, and errands, it’s important to care for your bike year-round. Check out these tips below to cruise through this winter season. 

Tips for Riding in Winter

  1. Check the Weather

This time of year, you’re likely checking a weather app on your smartphone first thing in the morning to decide which coat to wear and whether to break out the wool socks. If cold weather is on the radar, follow these tips for safe riding and maintenance. When riding in winter weather, ride slowly (especially on turns) and give yourself room to stop. Do not ride in sub-zero temperatures, sleet, hail, or freezing rain.


  1. Check Road Conditions

Once you’ve checked the weather, it’s time to check road conditions. Do not ride if the road surface is slippery or unsafe. If you hit an unexpected and unavoidable ice patch, ride steadily and smoothly, do not hit the brakes, and do not attempt to turn sharply. When possible, steer clear of slush and puddles to avoid rust on the bike from salt.


  1. Bring Your Charger

Bring your charger along for the ride. Cold weather and adverse conditions will affect your range and performance. Make sure to store your charger in a waterproof spot to protect it from the elements. Check out our Flyer™ waterproof accessories for dry battery or cargo storage.


  1. Pack the Right Equipment

Here’s a checklist of tools and equipment to bring along on every ride.

  • Layers: Dress appropriately. Gear like wind-proof gloves or bar mitts, a wind-proof jacket, a scarf, and goggles are great for winter riding.
  • Lights: With less daylight in the winter, use the integrated lights for maximum visibility.
  • Tires: Use wide tires for loose packed snow and studded tires for hard pack snow or . Flyer™ eBike tires are not recommended for riding on hard packed snow or ice.


  1. Bike Maintenance

Check out the tips below for quick care after every ride, every 5-10 rides, and year-round.

What to do after every ride:

  • Wipe the bike with a damp rag to remove any salt from the street

What to do every 5-10 rides:

  • Wipe down the bike with mild soapy water to remove salt
  • Clean and lubricate the chain to prevent damage from water and salt


  • Do not store an eBike outdoors especially in adverse conditions such as wet, cold, or salt.
  • If it is necessary to store outdoors, it is recommended to use a bike cover or tarp to prevent exposure to winter weather.
  • If storing your bike outdoors, remove the battery and store it indoors or in an area with temperatures above freezing. See below for battery storage tips.

Tire Pressure:

  • Check your tire pressure frequently. The temperature changes will affect the pressure which may lead to unsafe riding conditions.


Cold Weather Battery Care

Performance and range reduce when your bike is operated in cold temperatures. Follow the tips below to care for your Flight Speed™ battery.

  • Flight Speed™ batteries are designed to be used in temperatures above 14F (-10C). Do not operate or store your battery where temperatures are below 14F (-10C).
  • Your battery may turn off while riding if the low temperature limit is reached (battery temperature less than 14F). This is a safety feature that protects the battery cell function. The battery will return to normal once it is warmed to 32F or above. Riding with no power will not damage the battery or electronics.
Charge Level
  • Keep the charge level around 50% when storing your battery for long periods of time.
  • Perform a monthly check of the battery level during a long-term storage. If the battery drops below 30% charge, it’s necessary to increase the charge level to 50-70%. This maintenance charge will keep your battery working optimally when you ride.
  • Do not charge the battery in temperatures below 32F (0C). The battery has internal temperature sensors that will prevent it from charging at temperatures below 32F.


If you have questions on how to care for your Flyer™ eBike during cold months, check out our service resources or contact our award-winning service team. 


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