5 Ways to Use the Flyer™ Folding Cargo eBike




Ali Randazzo | October 19th, 2022


Meet our newest electric bike: the Flyer™ Folding Cargo. Radio Flyer’s innovative design team has been busy strategizing ways to make electric mobility even more accessible for families. The result? The best electric bike for portability and storage.


Featuring an easily foldable design frame, this is your take-along accessory for every adventure. Featuring an integrated cargo rack perfect for hauling cargo or one kid, you and your crew can go further, faster.


Ready to fly? Learn 5 ways to use your new Flyer Folding Cargo.


  1. Commute with Cargo

Commute confidently with this folding eBike. Easily store bags and briefcases in the front and rear storage baskets to get from A to B with everything you need in tow. Once you arrive at the office, simply fold the bike to easily store under your desk or in a bike room. Plus, the Flight Speed™ 48V, 10Ah UL 2271 tested rechargeable battery pack is removeable to easily charge and store at your desk through the workday.


Commuting on an eBike is also a more sustainable alternative compared to gas powered cars. Reserach shows emissions savings by replacing car trips with electric cargo bikes (Becker and Rudolf (2018b)).



  1. Weekend Errands

In 3 simple moves, unfold to transform your bike from seamlessly stored to equipped for errands. Before you leave for errands, double check for your grocery list, keys, and waterproof storage accessories, of course! Add longevity to your day out by charging your iPhone on the eBike and turning on the integrated front and rear lights for visibility.




  1. Road Trip Take-Along

Designed for portability and storage, this bike can easily fit in your trunk or backseat. Perfect for road trips or long car rides to scenic bike paths.




  1. Last-Mile Trips

If your commutes have multiple legs, let the Flyer™ Folding Cargo simplify your routine. Easily ride to the bus or train stop then carry on the folded bike to your final destination.




  1. Farmer’s Market

Haul up to 80 pounds of farmers market finds on the integrated rear rack. Load up seasonal produce on the rear rack storage, while keeping your personal belongings in the front basket. This lighter frame can be nimbly navigated through crowds or safely locked before entering the market.


Now that your Flyer bucket list is complete, get ready to fly (and fold!) Learn more and shop the Flyer™ Folding Cargo.

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