eBikes 101: 5 Ways to Use an Electric Bike


Jenny Moore | June 23rd, 2021


Increasing in popularity as a micromobility solution in cities across the country, electric bikes are fun to ride and deliver so many benefits to on-the-go families and urban adults. Wondering how an eBike would fit into your day-to-day life? Check out 5 ways to use an electric bike so you can start turning every errand, chore, and commute into an adventure.


1. Grocery Guru

Master trips to the grocery store or local farmer’s market with your eBike. Flyer™ eBikes are built with the hauling capabilities to get you and your grocery haul home with ease. Don’t worry, there’s room for those veggies you need for tonight’s dinner and all the ingredients for the bake sale this weekend – haul up to 80 lbs. on the rear rack of the Flyer™ M880 or 150 lbs. with the Flyer™ L885. Plus, you can even dodge traffic on your way to and from by using bike paths.


2. Sleek School Bus

Who said a school bus had to be yellow anyways? Kids will be thrilled to roll up to school in style on the back of the family electric bike, and parents, you’ll be thrilled to skip the hassle of the AM rush to make the bus or the scramble to load the minivan.

With accessories like the Thule® Yepp Maxi Seat or the Kid & Cargo Carrier (note: only compatible with the Flyer™ L885), little ones will be safe and comfortable on the ride to and from school. Bring up to one or two additional passengers on the Flyer™ M880 and Flyer™ L885 respectively.


3. Cruise While You Commute

Turn that dreaded morning & evening commute into a joy ride by trading in the car keys or bus pass for a bike helmet. There are a number of compatible accessories that you can add to your Flyer™ eBike to store your work bag and other essentials while you ride. With the wind at your back on command, going to and from work will feel bit less like commuting and a lot more like flying.

If you already take a conventional bike to work, imagine not having to worry about arriving sweaty from the effort of riding. Leave those days behind by upgrading to an electric bike – throttle-only mode allows you to ride up to 20 MPH without pedaling, so you can arrive with speed and ease of mind.

Ready to fly? Learn more about Flyer™ eBikes and preorder yours today.


4. Co-Rec Rockstar

Be the MVP of your team on and off the field. With an electric bike, you can carry the sports equipment for your team’s game or practice with ease. Instead of playing nose-goes to decide who has to lug the gear to & from the field, you’ll be happy to volunteer with your cargo eBike in tow. The Flyer™ M880 has a total payload capacity of 300 lbs. while the Flyer™ L885 can take on a payload of up to 400 lbs.

Parents, this goes for Little League games too! You can bring your little champion along with their gear and any sideline necessities – waters, snacks, camera, etc. – to the game, all with your electric bike.


5. Exercise While You Explore

Electric bikes are a great exercise tool in their own right, but they also provide an opportunity to couple convenience with cardio. Need to drop off a letter at the post office? Want to check out a favorite museum or that new restaurant? Going to meet a friend at the beach? Whatever the errand or activity, instead of calling a car or taking the train, hop on your eBike to help you explore your city. With your electric bike, you can go at your pace and however you want to ride all while getting in some additional exercise as an added benefit.


Ready to fly? Learn more about Flyer™ eBikes and preorder yours today.

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