How do I clean an eBike?

Follow the steps below to replace the pedal(s) on your eBike.

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     Tools Needed: Warm water, bike chain lubricant, clean cotton rags, non-corrosive biodegradable detergent (optional) 

   Additional Recommended Tools: A bike stand (or another way to prop up the bike) and gloves to keep your hands clean. These items are not necessary to properly clean your bike, but they will make the job easier.

     Compatible Models: Flyer™ M880 and Flyer™ L885

Note: Regularly cleaning your bike of rain, grime, salt, dirt, or other natural accumulation can extend the life of your bike and keep it safe to ride.

Note: When storing a wet bike or when cleaning your bike, be sure to keep the bike upright to allow for proper drainage of fluid. Additionally, Never use a pressure washer or even a garden hose sprayer to clean a bike. Doing so can cause irrevocable damage to bike components.

Getting the Bike Ready for Cleaning

  1. Remove the battery.
  2. Turn the bike on, the screen should initially turn on, then quickly fade away.

Cleaning the Bike Frame:

  1. Apply warm water and detergent (optional) to a clean cloth rag.
  2. Wipe down the frame with a rag.

  3. Wipe again with a damp detergent-free rag.
     Note: Be sure not to get water into any electronic components. Do not directly spray water onto the bike.

Cleaning the Bike Chain

  1. Apply bike degreaser to a clean cloth rag. Be sure not to get degreaser on other parts of the bike, including the frame. Do not apply degreaser directly to the chain or any other part of the bike.

  2. Hold the cloth against the lower section of the chain, between the pedals and derailleur. 

  3. Holding the rag in place, turn the pedals of the bike backward, moving the chain across the rag.

  4. Allow the chain to dry completely before continuing with chain maintenance.

  5. After the chain has dried completely, apply bike chain lubricant as per the instructions from the lubricant manufacturer.
     Note: If using a spray lubricant do not spray in the direction of any other bike components, especially any braking hardware.

  6. Prop up the bike so the rear wheel is off the ground, i.e. prop up the kickstand or use a bike stand or have someone help hold the bike for this step.

  7. With the bike propped up, turn the pedals and shift up and down through all the gears.

  8. Use a clean cloth rag to wipe off excess lubricant from the chain, especially the outer faces of the chain.

  9. Use a clean cloth to dry the bike before storing it.

  10. Store the bike indoors after applying bike lubricant to give the lubricant time to dry.

Preparing to Ride

  1. Reinstall the battery.
  2. Fully test the bike’s function prior to riding.

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