eScooter Wheel Replacement

Follow the steps below to replace the wheel on your eScooter.

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     Tools Needed: Flathead Screwdriver, Phillips Head Screwdriver, Two 6mm Allen Wrenches

     Compatible Models: Flyer™ S533

STEP 1: Peel back the reflective tape to expose the 2 screws securing the left front fork cover. Repeat on the right side.


STEP 2: Use a Philips head screwdriver to loosen and remove the two screws.


STEP 3: Separate fork covers by hand. If needed, push flat head screwdriver in between the two front fork covers and twist in order to unclip them from each other.


STEP 4: Pull the fork cover outward to fully detach it from the product. Remove both the left and right covers.

STEP 5: Use two 6 mm Allen wrench to remove the front axle. Hold one wrench still while turning the other counterclockwise. Once you remove the shaft and bolt that make the axle, lift the scooter up and the wheel will drop out.


STEP 6: Lay the scooter on its side. Slide the shaft of the front axle bolt into side of the fork that is on the ground. Then place a spacer on the inside of the fork, over the shaft.


STEP 7: Slide the front wheel into the fork. Place the second spacer between the wheel and the side of fork facing up. Thread the axle bolt in the shaft by hand before using two 6mm Allen wrenches to tighten
fully. Hold one wrench steady while turning the other clockwise.


STEP 8: Reattach the front fork covers by pushing both ends together until they snap into place. 


STEP 9: Use a Philips head screwdriver to secure the two screws for each fork cover.


STEP 10: Adhere the new reflectors to both fork covers. Start by sticking the top of the reflector into the recessed area on the fork cover, then pushing down the length of the it.

You're now ready to ride!

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