Front wheel and quick release skewer assembly

  1. Using the flat-side cutters remove the foam protecting the front fork.
  2. Remove the front axle skewer and fork spacer from the frame.
  3. Remove the nut and one conical spring from the front axle skewer. Remove and discard the front axle spacer, recycling where available.
  4. Remove the plastic axle protectors and discard. Insert front axle skewer into the front wheel. The lever side of the skewer should be on the brake rotor side of the wheel.
    • Note: Be sure not to touch the brake rotor with your hands. This can result in brake noise or malfunction, which could lead to injury.
  5. Slide the conical spring back onto the front axle skewer on the side further from the brake rotor. The smaller end of the conical spring will point in towards the wheel hub.
  6. Loosely install the nut a couple turns by hand onto the front axle skewer. Do not fully tighten the nut yet.
  7. Lift the bike and lower the front fork onto the wheel.
    Note: When installing the wheel, the axle should go inside the dropouts of the front fork. The brake rotor should insert itself into the brake caliper between the brake pads.

  8. Ensure that the wheel is centered in the fork dropouts. Press down on the fork to ensure the axle is fully seated.
  9. Hold the quick release lever so it is open and parallel with the ground. Tighten the opposite thumbnut completely.
  10. Rotate the quick release lever to secure the wheel to the fork. It should require significant force to close the quick release lever. The lever will leave an imprint in your hand if properly tightened.
    • Note: While closing the quick release lever, do not touch the brake rotor.

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